5 Steps to CE Mark

STEP 1: Identify Harmonised Standards

STEP 2: Get Product Tested by Accredited Lab

STEP 3: Involve Notified Body( If Applicable)

STEP 4: Draw Labels and DoC

STEP 5: Affix CE mark

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Authorised Representative Service

If your company is located outside EU-European Union then you requirea Authorised Representative to represent you in EU. We provide this service through our office in UK and Ireland.Directives of MDD, AIMD, IVDD, PED, ATEX require that the manufacturer who is sitting outside the European Union appoints a Authorised representative who can represent him to the national authorities.

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Special Pricing for LVD/EMC

We are glad to introduce a special pricing for EMC testing of less than 1000 USD for a test report form a ISO 17025 accredited lab against most common standards of EMC

Stronger Surveillance

Expect Stronger Surveillance for all products entering EU as EU decides to strengthen the weak points for product entering from the third countire.

RAPEX 2012 Number

Rapex is the database for European Rapid Information System to notify dangerous Non Food products.