CE Marking Under Construction Product Regulations(CPR) 305/2011

CE Marking Under Construction Product Regulations(CPR) 305/2011

We “EUROTECH” are a certification company from UK active for CE marking certification for various product categories since last 10 years. CE marking certification is mandatory to Export the product to European Economic Area (EEA).

We have an association with Notified Body from Bulgeria named Dedal (N.B. No. 1922) ;  We are accredited as a notified body to test and certify products under the European Union Construction Products Regulations (CPR). The purpose of the CE certification/CPR is to overcome the technical barrier to trade posed by EEA countries that have different standards, testing and labeling for the same construction products.

The regulation depends on below key factors:

  • A system of Harmonized technical specification
  • A system of assessment and verification of performance as per these standards
  • Involvement of the Notified Body
  • Conformity Assessment Procedures/ Documented product control
  • Declaration of Performance
  • CE marking Label

Declaration of Performance (DoP) and CE marking:

The Declaration of Performance is a key part of the Construction Products Regulation. It provides information on the performance/Quality of a product. Each construction product covered by a European harmonised standard or for which a European Technical Assessment has been issued needs this Declaration and has to be CE marked. This helps increase transparency and improves the functioning of the Single Market. Eurotech’s Technical Expert will guide you to prepare the same.

Roles of Notified Body:

Notified Bodies are the only recognized third party carrying out the assessment of performance of construction products. Notified bodies are designated by EU countries. The European Commission ensures co-operation between Notified Bodies. The Tasks of Notified Bodies Include:

  • Assessment of the Performance of a Construction product
  • Factory Product control
  • Certification

Process for CE certification:

Declare Construction Product
Identify the applicable European Harmonised standard (It is important to read the scope and definition of the standard
Review the essential characteristics & establish the route to conformity within Annex ZA
Initial type testing & factory production control (Involvement of notified body)
Complete a Declaration of performance & affix CE marking

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