RoHS 2 has come into force since july 2011. From 3rd Jan 2013, cables will come under the scope of RoHS 2.RoHS 2 allows for CE marking for products complying with it .

The Restricted Substances list remains the same (lead, mercury, cadmium, Hexavalent chromium, Polybrominated biphenyls, Polybrominated diphenyl ethers)

Testing has to be done as per EN/IEC 62321:2013

Technical File has to be compiled as per EN 50581:2012

Additionally Guidance is given in IEC standards IEC /TR 62476 for How to evaluate the products and IEC/PAS 62596 for Guidance on sampling procedure.

Our testing  Methods are internationally accepted 

  • PBDE -- with HPLC UV or GC MS
  • Elemental Bromine by XRF
  • Ionic Species ( Cr +VI) UV VIS
  • Elemental Analysis by XRF 

Ask us for detailed information about Europe CE Marking Certification.